SOLO Ads – Rented Lists

Offline or Online, It is all about YOUR LIST. If you have a small list...and it stays small, you will limit your success.

ALL ROMs are about building your list. So, we present you the options that are the MOST -- USED and MOST SUCCESSFUL in Social Media and Internet marketing,

SOLO ADS are a tricky area with lots of potential for mistakes that will cost you money, so it is not for those of you who are new to internet marketing, network marketing or lead capture pages.

So, WHY did I include it? Because you will see it over and over and wonder about "WHAT IS IT? IS IT FOR ME"?

So, again, we go to the Masters of this industry.

Understand, you can do this same thing with people you KNOW who have lists, but this is an entire strategy for a number of network marketers and when you are serious, you do serious marketing.

So, you may listen and then scale down your strategy to meet your budget.

One other comment: Just like MANY of the Social Media Strategies you will see posted to this site, it is NOT SPECIFIC to Network marketing. It is specific to Internet marketing, of which we are a part. As a result, you will hear lost of talk about Affiliate marketing and Internet marketing. YOU ARE AN AFFILIATE MARKETER ALREADY...with SHAKLEE!.

Daegan Smith is the FATHER OF SOLO ADS and you will find an audio that might be helpful.

We also discuss Ad Swaps.

So, here is how this is organized.